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3” Aluminum Trench Shield (6×10)

These aluminum panel trench shields are designed specifically for municipalities, and contractors who use rubber-tired backhoes or smaller excavators for trenching. Aluminum shields are made of lightweight, smooth, double-wall aluminum. Each 3-inch side-wall is constructed of foam-filled, 8 inch extrusions which prevent dirt build-up and reduces friction.


  • Deep sanitary sewer
  • Water main
  • Storm sewer


Model(Ft.) (Ht-Lg.) 6x10
Weight (lbs.) 1,020
() 30
Shield Capacity (PSF) 960
Depth of Cut (Ft.) Soil Type (B-45 (II)) 21
Depth of Cut (Ft.) Soil Type (C-60 (III)) 16
Depth of Cut (Ft.) Soil Type (C-80 (IV)) 12
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