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March 26, 2020

The Covid-19 health crisis continues to be a deep concern to everyone here at Cooper Equipment and we, like every other company in Canada is trying to navigate a situation that evolves and changes rapidly. Every decision and action is made with three things in mind:

  1. The safety, health and welfare of our employees
  2. The continued support and welfare of our customers
  3. The long-term financial viability of our company

All the provincial jurisdictions across Canada have deemed equipment rental companies as an essential service. We provide equipment to construction and utility companies as well as governments who continue to work on many critical infrastructure projects (hospitals, water treatment facilities, power grid and transportation networks) as well as provide emergency power, pumping and remediation services and equipment to companies and authorities during times of emergencies. We never know when or where these events will occur, so it is important (and deemed essential) for us to keep our network of branches operating in all the communities we serve.

We have implemented and are following all precautions and guidelines as set out by our provincial health authorities. We are restricting travel between branches by our employees and restricting exposure to visitors to branches through enhanced security and social distancing measures. We are asking people to stay home if they have any signs of sickness. We have options available for those who are uncomfortable with being at work or need to be at home to care for loved ones.

We continue to monitor the situation as it evolves and have plans in place to deal with a number of scenarios if, or when, they arise. The one constant through all of this has been our people and their resilience in the face of change, their “can do” attitude and their commitment to our customers. We would like to thank you all for working tirelessly under trying conditions.

We couldn’t be prouder of our teams in rising to the challenge.

Doug and Darryl

Thank You

March 23, 2020

Over the past two weeks the advance of the COVID-19 Virus has been very rapid. The information is changing hourly, and there is a lot of uncertainty in the hearts and minds of all Canadians.

We are working hard to keep up with the latest information and making decisions that are in the best interest of our employees and customers. Thank you for taking personal responsibility and following the best practices that have been established by our health authorities and implemented by Cooper.

What we have seen from our Cooper team during this difficult time makes us very proud. Here at Cooper, we have continued to work hard and look out for each other while dealing with the stress of the unknown. This is a credit to our team’s strength as individuals and is the reason for Cooper’s toughness and resilience as a whole.

This crisis has caused us to find new ways to live and work together while we practice self-isolation and physical distancing. We say “physical” distancing, not “social” distancing because as human beings we are social animals. While you keep a physical distance of two metres from other humans, it is important to reach out in other ways. Be kind to one another. Phone friends and family regularly to check in and see if they need anything. Use social media and internet communication tools to keep in touch. Take good care of your own health and the health of your family.

The next several weeks are going to be challenging for all of us, but we remain optimistic about the future of our company and the country. Our focus is on the health and safety of our employees, the continued support of our customers and the long-term financial stability of our business. We will get through this.

Stay positive. Stay healthy. Be kind. And finally, thank you.
Doug and Darryl

RE: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

March 20, 2020

To all Cooper Equipment Customers,

Over the past few weeks, we all have been closely monitoring the evolving situation with the recent outbreak of novel coronavirus (COVID-19). We are committed to providing updates on what we are doing at Cooper to provide for the health and safety of you, our customer, as well as our employees and local communities.

Rest assured that it is our full desire and expectation that all branches will remain open and that you should expect the same industry leading service that Cooper has been providing for close to 50 years. To that end, we believe we have implemented a proactive and swift response plan to ensure best health practices are being adhered to and that your service remains largely unaffected.

At all Cooper Equipment facilities, we have implemented extra steps to keep work areas clean with particular focus on high traffic areas and touchpoints including, door handles, phones, screens and worktop surfaces. Our employees are taking extra care to wash equipment down before and after every rental and have been instructed to wear gloves while working on or operating any equipment. We have limited travel of all employees between branches in order to reduce the number of social touchpoints. We have emergency response teams isolated and ready to step in and operate a branch if there is an interruption due to an employee infection. All employees who have travelled internationally in the last 14 days are self-isolating for 14 days from the time of their return. Cooper Equipment has instructed any employee who is feeling ill to stay home, and we have assured employees they will not
suffer financially by doing so.

As our delivery drivers and service technicians visit your locations to service or drop off/pick up equipment, please let us know if there any specific unique instructions or policies your company may have put in place for COVID-19 so that we can be best prepared to cooperate with your employees and policies. As a best practice, we also encourage you to interact with us through contactless methods like phone (1‑800‑315‑COOP), email, text and other digital services like Skype for Business when possible. As a reminder, Cooper Equipment offers a variety of digital resources and online tools throughout our website including COOPERconnect where customers can perform remote functions, including viewing open contracts, taking equipment off rent and accessing critical account information.

If you have any questions or concerns – please do not hesitate to reach out.

Doug Dougherty 

Darryl Cooper
President & COO