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Standard Vertical Hydraulic Shoring (7″ x 34″ x 55″)

Hydraulic shores offer superior versatility in trenches up to 25 ft. deep and 12 ft. wide. Hydraulic shores are an excellent lightweight resource for working around existing utilities, supporting trench walls near structures, curbs, or sidewalks; and for pipeline installations where larger backhoes cannot be used. Hydraulic shores are installed and removed from the surface, avoiding the risk of working in an unshored trench.

Available Accessories:

  • 5 Gal Hand Pump
  • 48” Release Hook
  • Case of Shoring Fluid (6 GAL)
  • 4×8 Sheets of Chudoform
  • 4×6 Sheets


  • Protect workers from cave-ins


() 7" x 34" x 55"
() 34-55
() 2
() 80

*Additional sizes available upon request. Contact your local rental representative for available rental equipment.

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